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Art Fun


Our Arts and Therapy program integrates therapeutic counseling and the arts. We encourage self-expression through drawing, painting, playing instruments, dancing, and other forms of creative activities. 

Virtual Conference

Selected students of the program go through intake and interviewing by our clinical staff prior to services. During the interview process, we meet with each child and their family to assess the social-emotional and external challenges affecting the child’s education. Once these challenges have been identified, we develop a personalized service plan with the involvement of the parents and the school. The service plan identifies goals the I’RAISE clinician will focus on to support the child.

Art Class
Art Therapy

Children receiving counseling services will have the benefit of participating in art therapy services. Art Instructors work closely with the clinical team to build lessons on self-expression, self-esteem, self-awareness, and other issues relevant to the lives of the youth. Schools can choose one of the following art services:

  • Dance and Movement

  • Music

  • Visual Art

  • Drama (new)

  • Creative Writing (new)

COVID-19 Adjustments

The 2019-2020 school year came to an abrupt halt at the onset of the coronavirus. Much has occurred since that time on a societal level. The learning process has changed significantly since that time. To adapt to the evolved needs of schools and youth, I’RAISE has made innovative modifications to the Arts and Therapy program for the 2020-2021 school year including:


  • A contactless student referral process

  • Options for in-person or virtual services

  • Grief and loss counseling for children that have lost loved ones

  • Monthly family sessions 


To see if the Arts and Therapy program is right for your school, contact Executive Director Letecia Stewart at or (718) 725-8996, ext. 932 to receive more information.

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