So You Want to Be A Mentor

That's Great! We welcome and honor your commitment to becoming a mentor. Mentors make a huge difference in the lives of our youth. Thank you for giving them your time and attention. 


Our Big Brother Big Sister mentoring program uses evidence-based and effective practice strategies to provide high quality individualized mentoring services to youth ages 5-18 years of age. With this in mind, our mission is to increase self-esteem and self-image by providing guidance and resources to youths of color. We do this to help youth maximize and reach their highest potential and experience success in all areas of their life. 



Steps To Becoming A Mentor

Step 1. Mentor Candidacy.​

Since you are here, we assume that you are looking to get started on becoming a Mentor. We have outlined our process below. These steps can take about 1 to 3 months to complete. So please be patient. We know that you are eager to mentor someone. Please read carefully on how you can get started today. 


To become eligible for out Mentor position you must meet the following criteria:
    1. Must be at least 21 years of age or College/University Student.
    2. At least 1 year of experience working with youth.
    3. Have a passion and committed to working with youth. 
Fill out our Volunteer Application if you are ready. 

Step 2. Interview

Once we receive your  Volunteer Application, we will contact you for a brief 15 - 30 minutes phone conversation. We want to get to know you personally and help us determine which mentee would be a great match for you. 

Step 3. Orientation to IRAISE & Program. 

After completing the interview stage, you then are asked to join us for an orientation. This orientation you will learn about the organization and the IRAISE's Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring Program. Orientations are held once a month every month. 

Step 4. Background Screening. 

Once orientation is complete, we will begin background checks. 

Step 5. Mentor Training. 

While we are doing the background screening behind the scenes, you will be trained by our staff on the best practices of mentorship and counseling. This live online training is typically about 45 minutes. 

Step 6. Meet Your Match. 

When we successfully verified your background and you have completed your training, now is the time to meet your mentee match.
Let's get you to your first meeting!
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