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Career Planning series

Get connected with paid internships, network with professionals, and receive career readiness training!
We are thrilled to invite you to our job readiness series! Teens and young adults ages 16-21 are able to sign up for online workshops for free to prepare for our Virtual Job Fair on April 24! Experienced professionals will guide you through designing your resume and cover letters, prep you for job interviews, and teach you about different careers so you can shine and succeed at the job fair!
We can't wait to see you there!
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Are you currently recruiting summer interns? You're invited to virtually table at our Job Fair to connect with our youth!

✔ Create opportunities for our


✔ Fill paid internship positions

✔ Connect youth with positions they need

Designing Your Resume and Cover Letters

April 13, 2021

5:00PM - 6:15PM EST

How to Interview with Employers

April 20, 2021

5:00PM - 6:15PM EST

Career Fair & Panel


Explore careers in medicine, psychology, law and more! Professionals from various fields will be available to network with and learn from.

April 22, 2021

6:30PM - 8:30PM EST


Register by 5 PM ET on April 20.

Virtual Teen/Young Adult

Job Fair


Meet employers, learn about open job positions and paid internships, connect with SYEP providers, and network with professionals and other youth.

April 24, 2021

12:00PM - 2:00PM EST


Register by 5 PM ET on April 22.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Virtual Job Fair

Where will the job fair be held?

The job fair will be held online on April 24th from 12 PM to 2 PM EST. Please register by 5 PM EST on April 22nd.


What should I wear?

Attendees should dress business casual/professional.

What should I bring?

Please bring an electronic copy of your resume and cover letter.

What age range is the job fair for?

The job fair is for ages 16-21 years.

Are employers hiring who will attend?

All employers who will be attending will be hiring.

Will summer youth employers will be present?

Yes, there will be summer youth employers present.

Do I need my working papers to attend?

You do not need your working card to attend but will need your working card before being employed. Please note it is highly encouraged to already have your working card prior to attending.

How do I obtain my working papers? For more information on how to apply for your working papers please click the link below.


Do my parents need to sign me up for this if I am under 18 years?

Parents/guardians are required to sign their teens up if the teen is under 18 years old.