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  1. ​One Part-time Medicine Teacher $21 - $29/hour - Bronx, NYC

  2. One Part-time Entrepreneurship Teacher $21 - $29/hour - Bronx, NYC

  3. One Part-time Male Mentor $28/hour - Bronx, NYC

  4. Two Part-time Afterschool Group Teacher $20/hour - Brooklyn, NYC

Employee Benefits Program

*Available only to employees who work 30+ hour per week*
I'RAISE currently does not provide health insurance benefits due to the small company size and budget restrictions, but our non-profit organization is actively working on making sure the health insurance benefit can be offered to our full-time employees
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Paid Time Off (PTO)

Image by Antonio Janeski

Professional Development and Training Reimbursement

Image by Konstantin Evdokimov

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Image by Vasily Koloda

Continuing Education

Image by Diana Parkhouse

403B Retirement Plan 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Clinical Hours towards Clinical License 

For LMSW employees

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Annual Staff Retreat Program + 2 days company provided PTO

Image by Jason Leung

Employee Perk Program

Letter from CEO to our employees

"Welcome to I’RAISE, where we see every team member as vital part of our community. Here at I’RAISE we believe in each employee reaching their full potential and being their most authentic selves in the workplace. We are concerned in your personal and professional growth and provide the tools to help you succeed in the workplace and beyond.


Diversity is at the core of our culture, we encourage all team members to contribute their unique talents and skills in the workplace. We believe in inclusivity and work to establish a workplace where everyone feels included and a part of a greater community. 


There are many things that make our workplace unique, but I believe that the single most important thing is our passion for helping and empowering vulnerable children and families. Our agency strives everyday to show up for the most disadvantaged and we work to develop innovative solutions. We encourage innovation, creativity and strategic thinking and empower our employees to be active parts of the solutions we create. 


I created I’RAISE as a beacon of hope and the birthplace of innovation for systemic change. Over the years we have impacted the lives of over 15,000 children and families and continue to expand our programs to new neighborhoods where the need for change and hope is greatest. 


I am proud of the work we have done throughout this pandemic, and the progress we have made. We created spaces for our children to re-imagine their worlds beyond the pandemic, we created spaces for parents and the community to discuss racial injustice and to heal through racial trauma, and we created programs that helped children and families cope with the pandemic.


We remained at the forefront of advocating for children's mental health and remain fierce advocates and providers of mental health support. The future of our children and families looks brighter, as we continue healing as a collective. This pandemic has brought us together, and made our communities more resilient. Through social distance, we have gained a deeper appreciation for one another, for our neighbors, friends, and families. 


The pandemic produced a resilience that made us stronger than ever, more committed than ever, and our hearts more open than ever. I look forward to the years to come as we continue building this beautiful village side by side with our children and communities."

- Shanequa E. Moore, CEO & Founder

How our leadership team shows signs of care
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Diversity at our organization
85.71% female
14.29% male
Purple Gradient Circle_edited.jpg
14.29% Asian
Purple Gradient Circle_edited.jpg
19.05% Hispanic or Latino
Purple Gradient Circle_edited.jpg
Two or more races
Purple Gradient Circle_edited.jpg
Black or 
Be a part of our organization
I'RAISE is an Equal Opportunity Employer,
with a strong commitment to diversity in the workplace
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