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Women's History Month

Dare to Dream Conference

A Virtual Conference for Girls and Women of All Ages

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March 26, 2022

2:00PM - 4:30PM ET


A virtual multigenerational conference celebrating girls and women empowering one another and embracing their authentic selves

This conference will equip girls and women of all ages with tools and guidance, through highly informative and engaging workshops and artistic performances, to continue growing personally and developing their career path as they dare to dream...

  • Panel Discussion Featuring a Multigenerational Panel of Youth and Adults

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Confronting Trauma Workshop

  • Self-Image Workshop

  • Next Level in Your Career Workshop

  • Dance performance from an I'RAISE dance instructor



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate?
No. This event is free and online. If you wish to listen during or after the scheduled time, please visit our YouTube channel at


How can I attend this free event series?
Register here on Eventbrite and we will email you the link to join on March 22.


Who should attend this event?
This event is a space for parents to share their thoughts and questions, but others are welcome to join and listen.


What if I am unable to join at the scheduled time, but I am interested in the event?
You can still register and we will send out the recording or you can check our YouTube channel here for the recording after the event.


How can I volunteer my talents to help make I'RAISE online community events a success?
We welcome your contributions and we have a variety of opportunities to get involved. Email or go to to learn more.


Could I make a donation to support children as they face a unique set of challenges during the pandemic?
Of course! Any amount makes a big difference in a child's life. Please text PLEDGEIRAISE to 71777 to give your gift and help us support underserved minority children.


I still have questions. Who can I contact?
You may email us at


What is I'RAISE?
I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation is a nonprofit providing youth services to low-income communities. Our mission is to provide a holistic program aimed at improving socio-emotional well-being and educational outcomes of youth ages 5-19 years. We aim to also improve and develop under-resourced communities and schools that help youth become successful in life. Learn more at

PANELIST: Myah Aree Yancey

Myah Aree Yancey is a professional dancer and choreographer from Southeastern Virginia. Myah has been training for ten years and has an extensive background in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and musical theater. Yancey's trajectory of pedagogy is Dynamic Movements School of Performing Arts, The Goode Dance Project, Hurrah Players Inc., the Governor's School for the Arts, and the American Dance Festival. Myah has also displayed her artistry in many showcases and competitions, such as Star Talent, Showstopper, Encore DCS, and VIP. Myah Yancey is currently a soloist focusing on choreography and dance education. She has received NYU Tisch's Performing Arts Industry Essentials program as a prerequisite to future college studies. Myah Aree Yancey's latest pursuit is Contemporary With Myah and Ballet With Myah, which are dance classes taught through IRAISE.

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PANELIST: Trinity Rosado

My name is Trinity and I am 19 years old. I am from Puerto Rico and I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I am, of course, a volunteer within I’Raise. With that, I am a full time student and a small business owner.

I currently attend St. Francis College in Brooklyn with a major in psychology and have a minor in criminal justice.

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PANELIST: Sofia Rinvil

Sofia Rinvil's commitment to justice and human rights was inspired by her experiences growing up, which sparked a passion for business, law, and policy. Sofia is a leader, advocate, entrepreneur, mentor, and philanthropist who has supported and marginalized individuals' lives. She has brokered partnerships between microenterprises, elite law firms, and community partners in New York City to impact small business owners and entrepreneurs in need of legal services for their businesses.

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PANELIST: Katelyn Cai

A native Arizonan, first-generation American, and Basis Scottsdale senior, Katelyn Cai is the co-founder of 501(c)(3) Invest in Her, I'Raise's Youth Director, former Miss Arizona's Outstanding Teen, and current Distinguished Young Woman of Arizona. She loves playing with her dog Stella, dancing, and geeking out about economics. A nationally-ranked extemporaneous speaker, city and state government intern, and leader of both the Arizona Governor's and Scottsdale Mayor's Youth Commissions, she's cultivated a deep love for public service, and plans to major in public policy and economics in college.

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PANELIST: Elsa Lorenzo

Elsa C Lorenzo is a United nation retiree, who obtained a degree in Business Administration in the Philippines. Her passion and life’ goals are to give back to a community that is under -resource, by giving back to the community in being that catalyst in making the journey easier for others. Elsa Lorenzo is a volunteer Mentor at I’RAISE Girls and boys International. In addition Elsa previously tutored at Reading Partners, Mentored at the United Nations, and Elsa was a writer at Americorp Seniors RSVP quarterly News paper.  Elsa has dedicated her life to serving communities and ensuring that people in society have the necessary skills to live a positive life.

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PANELIST: Genesis Broome

Genesis Broome is a I'Raise student. 

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