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Case Aide [ACS]

Work Location

North Bronx, NY

Job Type



Full Time


$42,000 / Year

Case Aide [I'RAISE + ACS]

Title: Case Aide / Peer Support

Classification: Non-Exempt

Status:  Full-time

Salary: $41,000

Location: North Bronx, NY

Supervisor: Case Planner Supervisor

Hire Date: Hiring immediately - start date of July 1st, 2024

Job Requirement: Must have experience working in Human Service/Social Service Field; 1+ years of relevant Case Aide experience


I’RAISE is partnering with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) using the School-Based-Early Support model. The goal is to partner closely with schools to connect families to support and services well before concerns warrant a call to the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR). ACS, through I’RAISE, intends to offer families “light touch” service options that strive to connect families to community resources through case management, address families’ concrete needs, support parent/caregiver capacity in their caregiving roles, and avoid unnecessary investigations.


Position Summary:

The Full-time Case Aide will provide essential casework support to case planning staff, assist families with concrete needs, and provide overall support for school outreach efforts, community-driven offerings, and other aspects of service delivery. Under the supervision of the Case Planner Supervisor, the Case Aide / Peer Support will work closely with families, school staff, and community partners to ensure the successful implementation of the School-Based Early Support program.


  • Responsible for providing additional casework support (1 per supervisor)

  • Provide casework support to case planning staff, including assistance with documentation, referrals, and follow-up with families

  • Assist families with concrete needs, such as accessing food, housing, healthcare, and other essential services

  • Support school outreach efforts, including attending meetings, events, and workshops as needed

  • Collaborate with community partners to identify resources and opportunities for families

  • Participate in team meetings, trainings, and professional development activities

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of interactions with families and service providers

  • Provide peer support to families, offering empathy, encouragement, and practical assistance

  • Assist with the coordination of special events, projects, and initiatives to support program goals

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Case Planner Supervisor

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • One year of relevant work in child welfare or social services or life experience; OR

  • Successful completion of an Administration for Children’s Services-funded prevention

    services program or similar program; OR

  • A high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Experience working with children, families, and communities in a supportive capacity

  • Knowledge of child welfare and family support services in New York City

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team and independently 

  • Proficiency in Google Suite and case management software preferred

Travel Requirement:

  • Ability to travel within New York City public schools to perform job-based duties

  • Must be a New York City Resident with a valid Social Security Number - I’RAISE does not provide relocation assistance nor provide any visa sponsorship at this time 

Full-Time Employee Benefits

  • Paid-time off (PTO):

    • Vacation: 10 days for 1st & 2nd year, 14 days for 3rd year, 20 days for 4th year and onward, 6 days personal, 6 days sick, holidays, etc. Mental health days (1 day per month)

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits 

  • Retirement Plan - Matching

  • Worker Compensation

  • Disability Benefit

  • Professional Development Small Tuition Reimbursement

  • Loan Forgiveness - We are a qualified employer for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. To read about eligibility requirements visit

  • Any added employee benefit

Must complete background check requirements:

  • Comprehensive Background Clearance Requirement

  • Reference Checking 

  • Previous Employment Verification 

  • SCR Clearance

  • SEL List Check 

  • Department of Education (DOE) Fingerprint Clearance



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I'RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation is a heartfelt haven founded in 2012 by the visionary Chief Executive Officer, Shanequa Moore. As a beacon of hope and resilience, we stand tall as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, proudly led by individuals from BIPOC and women communities. Since our inception, we have woven a tapestry of support, dedication, and transformation that defines who we are.

I’RAISE is not just an organization; it is a promise to make a difference in the lives of families. We are the guardians of youth, catalysts for community restoration, and architects of improved quality of life for minority children and families. Our purpose is etched in the very fabric of our holistic programs that commit to the well-being and empowerment of every child.

RAISE, EMPOWER, AND INSPIRE EVERY CHILD is not just a mantra; it's our guiding vision since 2012. We aspire to elevate self-esteem and self-worth, ensuring that every child, irrespective of background, finds success and progress in all facets of life

Join us in this journey of compassion, empowerment, and transformation. Together, we can rewrite the narrative for every child, building a future where potential knows no bounds.

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