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Children's COVID-19 Resources


Coming into another year under the pandemic uncertainties about safety become more apparent. Our hope is that we can provide a small guide for everyone who wants to make their community a little bit safer. You can keep your friends and family safe too, and these resources will give you everything you need to do so.

Want to learn about COVID-19 vaccines?
How do germs make me sick? Click here to find out
How do vaccines work? Click here to learn how
How do COVID vaccines work? Click here to learn how
What to expect when someone is vaccinated? Click here to find out
Answers from an Infectious Disease Expert Click here to learn more
Videos about vaccines Click here to watch videos
Common Questions about COVID-19 Vaccine and Kids Click here to read more
Ask a Doctor: Why Should Children Get a COVID 19 Vaccine? Click here to hear from a doctor
How to wash your hands 
Click here to learn more
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