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Afterschool Program Director

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Afterschool Department


Metropolitan College of New York, B.A. Human Service



Thomas Edward Williams III, “Workplace and School Culture Innovator” and “Youth Program Architect”. Mr. Williams believes: When it comes to the development and managing of others, it is imperative we are intentionally proactive, and responsibly responsive in how we handle the development and education of persons under our supervision. These key elements are crucial in the longevity of maintaining a productive and enriching environment.

In part, my curriculum vitae will read: a BA in Human Service; pursuing my Masters of Public Administration; served 16 years in all areas of youth development; 8 years facilitating professional developments; 10 years accomplished GRANT Manager, and served as an administrator in NYC Grade- School educational system for 10 years. However, I place very little emphasis on these credentials, and more of an emphasis in building and maintaining positive proactive relationships. It is our human and transparent connections with others, which cultivates trust in one's individual leadership ability and the ability to positively lead.

My managerial model is, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”. I am selfless when it comes to service in the communities I serve. Building others and supporting them to be great, while challenging them to live in their purpose is my passion. “We should all live our lives in our purpose, and on purpose”, this is my life's motto; and its my mission to encourage others to do the same. My ability to pull professional work environments and school communities together is modeled in the legacy of my previous work environments.

Although I am no longer in service, in those environments, I have laid the foundation for continuous success and growth. My high level of professionalism and strategic work politics, to cultivate outcomes, has been a staple in my professional brand... A genuine spirit, who pays attention to detail.

Purple - Blue Gradient

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