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Teen's COVID-19 Resources


The pandemic brought uncertainties about safety and moving forward. Our hope is that we can provide a small guide for everyone who wants to make their community a little bit safer. You can keep your friends and family safe too, and these resources will give you everything you need to do so.

Want to learn about COVID-19 vaccines?
How do germs make me sick? Click here to find out
How do COVID vaccines work? Click here to learn how
Answers from an Infectious Disease Expert Click here to learn more
Interview with Dr. Viola Lanier, PhD, MSc about How much effort did scientists put into c
reating the COVID-19 vaccine?
Wellness Wednesdays Dr. Banks talks COVID-19 & Health Inequity
Wellness Wednesdays Dr. Bolton talks Community & Mental Health
Videos about vaccines Click here to watch videos

Want to learn more about COVID-19? Click here to learn more
How do I deal with COVID-19 anxiety? Click here to find out     
How does 
COVID-19 affect for Children with Cancer or Blood Disorders? Click here to learn more


Mental health is a fundamental aspect of everyones overall wellbeing. Without the care and resources to learn how to cope with our struggles, the issues we deal with can become overbearing. Our goal is to provide resources that promote understanding, awareness and support for teens and individuals struggling with mental health.

Want to learn about mental health?
What is Depression? Click here to learn more
How do people deal with Addiction?  Click here to learn more
What is Stress? Click here to learn more
Having problems dealing with anxi
ety in school? Click here to learn more
Want to help learn how to talk about mental health? Click here to learn more 
Want to learn how to cope with anxiety? Click here to learn more
Want to learn about Stress and Anxiety in Adolescents? Watch this Mental Health Minute



Teen's Mental Health Resources
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