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Enroll in our programs for the 2021-2022 year, which run from Sept. 20 to June 24. While at home, your kids and teens ages 4-19 can stay occupied, build skills, and make friends in our REMOTE art, dance, STEM, financial literacy, yoga, SAT/ACT prep, college prep, photography, Zumba, singing, robotics, musical theater, and read-aloud programs. See a full list of classes in the registration form.

We are now serving youth and families in New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and New York.

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Wondering what children and teens learn in our classes?

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 This application covers enrollment for the full year of classes. The students will participate in the program from September 20, 2021 through June 24, 2022. Use this application to enroll in the following online programs: Performing & Visual Arts Academy, STEM Academy, Generation Z Academy, Teen Study Groups. 


One-on-One Tutoring

to help kids ages 4-18 to adjust to remote learning during the school day. 

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Virtual Youth

Lego Group

Children will learn how to build creations individually and as a group using virtual LEGO pieces

Image by David Pisnoy

Virtual Youth Visual Art

Children ages 5-18 years will engage in fine arts, painting, coloring, etc. 

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Students will learn about angles, lighting, and how to take creative photos

Image by Aaron Burden

Virtual Youth Yoga & Meditation

for ages 4-18 years. Kids will engage in yoga and meditation, setting the tone for the week. 

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Online Baking Classes

Kids learn about baking, kitchen etiquette and safety, plus they always have baked goods to take home!

And more!

Students in our Lego class build creations together and individually using virtual lego bricks.

Musical Theater students performed to the song "Friend Like Me" from the movie Aladdin.

for teens

pexels-photo-6147210 Keira Burton studyi

Prepare for high school, college, the SAT/ACT, gain life skills, learn about spoken word, and more!

Study Groups

College Prep

Life Skills

Group Mentoring

Spoken Word


What our parents are saying

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virtual mentoring

I'RAISE is now serving youth virtually, offering daily support, yoga/meditation, classes, and more, for those ages 5-19.