New York University Teen Workshops

For the summer of 2020, I'Raise has partnered with New York University to offer free, virtual workshops for teens. Topics include time management, financial literacy, high school prep, college prep, professional development, and more! 

sign up for our new free Virtual fall semester classes

Sign up for one or more of our free virtual classes. Register by October 21, 2020.

One-on-One Tutoring

to help kids ages 4-18 to adjust to remote learning during the school day. 

Virtual Youth LEGOs Group

Children will learn how to build and make pieces out of LEGOs

Virtual Youth Visual Art

Children ages 5-18 years will engage in fine arts, painting, coloring, etc. 

New Class:

Online Literacy and Creative Writing

Students will practice literacy and writing creatively

Virtual Youth Yoga & Meditation

for ages 4-18 years. Kids will engage in yoga and meditation, setting the tone for the week. 


New Classes:

Online Black History Classes

Sign up here for our Black Youth Reimagined Summer Institute

And more!

virtual mentoring

I'RAISE is now serving youth virtually, offering daily support, yoga/meditation, classes, and more, for those ages 4-21


Register your child for virtual mentoring and give I'RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation consent to provide virtual mentoring services to your child. Please complete one form for each child.

become a virtual mentor

Do you have a passion to help our youth focus on feeling empowered, building an enhancing self-esteem and self-image in teens? Do you want to be a listening ear and source of support?


Shreyan, Tutor

Every student should have access to learning that will foster an appreciation and love for any subject, from reading to math. The movement for “No Child Left Behind” is one of the biggest during this critical time, and I’m in for it!

Elena, Mentor

I am an aspiring Psychologist and have a passion to help others. I love making art, talking to kids about developing self-esteem, dancing, yoga, and meditation.

Harisha, Mentor

 I always enjoy interacting with my mentees by inspiring them through art, discussions, and other activities. I am excited to share my knowledge, interests, and advice with my mentees!

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