virtual mentoring

I'RAISE is now serving children virtually offering daily support yoga/meditation, video games simulation and more. For children ages 4-21


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to help kids ages 4-18 to adjust to remote learning during the school day. 

One on One Tutoring

(Fridays and Saturdays) Children will learn how to build and make pieces out of legos

Online Youth Lego Group

for ages 5-18 years (after school activities, Tuesdays and Thursdays) Children will engage in fine arts, painting, coloring etc. 

Virtual Youth Art Group

Ages 5-8 years, story time and read aloud, favorite children and story books.

Virtual Read Aloud & Storytelling

for ages 4-18 years (Mondays) Kids will engage in yoga and meditation setting the tone for the week. 

Online Youth Yoga & Meditation

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