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When I rise, You Rise, We Rise Together

We Rise Network About


The We Rise Network is a network of professionals and black leaders, artists and educators dedicated and committed to the cause of the Black Community. The "We Rise Network" helps to strengthen black communities and businesses training's providing a reliable support system, resources, and information through to our members. 

Join the We Rise Network Today!

5 Reasons to Join Our Network

Financial Education

We offer our members courses and training's on financial freedom, getting out of debt, maximizing finances, home ownership and more. 

Leadership & Development

Members receive Free access to our exclusive leadership workshops and trainings online and leadership conferences.


Business Development

Our members gain exclusive information on business planning, budgeting, business development and business coaching. Free access to monthly webinars on the tools to opening and maintaining your business. 

Referrals & Information

We provide our members with information and referrals for financial assistance and credit repair, legal assistance, housing, employment, non-profit and social services and mental health services. 



Business members may be listed on our referral list.


Networking & Support

Our business members gain exclusive access to local and city-wide business owner contacts. Business owners have free and unlimited access to our monthly webinars on financial management, accessing grants and funding for your business, expanding your small business, social media marketing and more. 

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