About US

The organization started in 2012 as a mentoring program for girls 9-18 years old. In 2013, transformed into the present-day organization, whose mission is to provide services such as tutoring, college prep, mentoring and performing arts.

our mission

To provide a holistic program aimed at improving socio-emotional well-being and educational outcomes of youth ages 4-21 years. Our aim is to also improve and develop under-resourced communities and schools who help youth become successful in life.


I’RAISE  was founded by Shanequa E. Moore in 2012 and was incorporated in 2013. In 2014, I’RAISE became a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization in the State of New York.


I’RAISE originated as a mentoring program in the North Bronx, serving 40 female at-risk youth who resided in New York City Authority Housing. It provided an intensive group-based and individualized mentoring program.


Kids and teens were also engaged in community organizing events with local leaders, advocating for community issues.


As the demand for our programs and services spread to other regions of the Bronx, the organization evolved into what it is now, I'Raise Girls & Boys International Corporation, providing multi-youth services to multiple low-income communities.

Since its inception, I'Raise has more than tripled in growth. It's grown from supporting 40 youth to presently serving approximately 1,000 youth annually.


In the last fiscal year 2019, I’RAISE had many successes, including the expanding of services into New York City Public Schools in 2013, launching comprehensive mental health programs in New York City public schools.


I’RAISE also expanded its Arts program from locations in community centers to school-based art programs.



 I’RAISE has developed an early childhood program in Staten Island, NY serving children as young as 2.9 years in New York City authority housing.


I’RAISE has been able to provide services to more than 7,500 children and families since its inception, expanding its services in new schools and communities including south Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island.