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Empire Afterschool Program

Our Empire Afterschool Program at P.S. 178 in Brooklyn, New York, works with students from Pre-K to 5th graders, and our afterschool service includes a focus on social-emotional wellness, as well as art, theater, music, dance, STEM, fitness, and more! 

Our Empire Afterschool Program include:
STEM, Dance, Fitness, Music, Fine Arts, Sports

Our Socio-emotional development service:
Students build skills with support from peers​
Peer Mentoring Groups

Our Tutoring service:
Daily Academic Support
Group Setting 

Our Parent Support​ service:
Stay Empowered & Informed
Workshops, Mixers & More to Support Your Well-being 

Have Question?
Contact our Afterschool Program Director, Cherise Crumpton at, and cc' 

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