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Number of internships found:


MSW Social Work Internship (School-Based)

New York, NY, USA


Limited Spots:

6 - 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
We accept applications from current students in degree-seeking programs, associates programs, undergrads, and masters students at an accredited institution in the United States. 

Is there a limit on how many positions I can apply for?
Yes. We suggest you only apply to ONE internship position that is most closely aligned to your major or school program.

Is there a deadline on when I can apply?
There are no specific deadlines. However, please review our postings carefully if there are any specific dates.

I’m a recent college graduate. Can I still be considered for an internship opportunity?
YES - on a limited basis. Priority is given to students currently pursuing a degree.

Do you provide fieldwork or academic credit? 

Yes. I'RAISE is a qualified field placement site, and our Internships qualify for academic credit as long as they align with your major and program requirements. Our interns are supervised, trained, and mentored by full-time employees in their respective fields. We work to make sure our internship aligns with your academic goals and ensure there are learning objectives. Please share our internship opportunity with your college or university advisor/program department before seeking fieldwork or academic credit for our internships. 

Can I work remotely as an intern?

Yes. Please review our internship positions for remote internship opportunities. 

Is the internship program paid? 

Our internships are currently unpaid; however, they provide flexibility with hours and schedules. If you are currently enrolled in one of our partnered Internship Programs, you may qualify for paid internships (funded by your college/university). Please review our Internship Program partners details below. 

Do you sponsor visas?

I'RAISE is not able to sponsor any type of visas at the moment.

When will you begin accepting applications for the Internship Program?

The application period typically remains open. We recommend that you review our internship page and favorite our company page on Handshake to stay up to date on our applications. 

Are there any costs included during the internship application process?

Yes. Some of our hybrid and on-site internships require background check clearance. You are required to pay the cost by yourself. 

What is the application process?

  1. Internship Application: Fill out the Internship Application Form which contains written interview questions

  2. Interview 1: If selected, you will have a short virtual interview with our HR Team

  3. Interview 2: If selected, you will have a final interview round with the Internship Supervisor

  4. Selection: If moving forward, we will ask for three professional/academic references for reference checking process

  5. Offer: If the reference checking process is successfully completed, you will receive an official welcome email with an internship welcome packet 

  6. Onboarding: If you accept the Internship welcome packet, our HR team will support you with the onboarding process 

  7. Getting Started: Orientation with your Department and Supervisor, Trainings, and getting started! 

Why intern with I'RAISE?

Real World Experience

Our internship program is designed to provide hands-on experience in your field of interest. You will be working on meaningful projects and tasks, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. I'RAISE takes huge pride in providing valuable internship experiences.

Skill Development

Throughout the internship, you will have the chance to enhance your skill set significantly. Each of the Internship supervisors in our organization is dedicated to offering our interns with comprehensive onboarding training and hands-on experiences to support their professional development.

Support and Guidance

Our full-time supervisors for each internship position provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout your internship journey. We offer orientation sessions, training, and ongoing support to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to make the most of your internship experience.

Meaningful Impact

Our non-profit internship program is dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact in the community. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that directly benefit those in need. You can make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, or communities, providing valuable support and creating positive change.

Personal Growth and Exploration

This internship will not only enhance your professional skills but also contribute to your personal growth. You will have the chance to explore different aspects of the non-profit industry, discover your strengths, and gain a deeper understanding of your career aspirations. It is an opportunity to self-reflect, learn, and evolve as an individual

References, Letter of Recommendations and E-Certificate

Completion of the internship will provide you with a strong reference for your future job applications. Our organization values your contribution and will be happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation or be your reference based on your performance and achievements during the internship period. Our interns (if requested) are provided Internship E-Certificates for the successful completion of their internship with I'RAISE

Academic or Fieldwork Credit

Please share our internship opportunities with your college/university advisors or professors. We provide the required supervision, training, mentoring, and internship hours tracking in order for you to successfully receive academic or fieldwork credit. If our internship is approved by your college or university for school credits, and there are alignments between your career goals and our internship experiences, please email

I'RAISE Internship Program Partners

I'RAISE Internship Program Review

Purple - Blue Gradient

"I had the privilege of joining their Marketing Team as a Public Relations Intern. This being my first PR role I learned vital skills to push me further into the dynamics of the PR world. Thank You I'RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation for this wonderful experience and allowing me to join their amazing team! Everyone was so supportive and creative. It was such a welcoming environment where everyone was able to share their ideas and receive feedback. I liked how we had weekly meeting where we were able to give each other updates or pool together different ideas"
- Samreen M, Marketing Intern, Spring 2023


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