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Integrative Mental Wellness Model

A new, transformative school-based mental health program

“We believe that mental health is a right that every child deserves." - Shanequa Moore, CEO 

Our Views

We work in the largest school district in the U.S (New York City Public School District) serving our students through innovative mental wellness services.

We believe mental health access must be diverse and incorporate children from all cultural, racial identities, languages, faiths and lived experience.

Our approach focuses on access to wellness spaces, ranging from traditional therapy to narrative/talk therapy, circles of healing, integration of the arts and restorative circles.

Our universal model can be customized to any school in the U.S.

  • Confident Teachers

  • Supported School Counselors & Principals  

  • Transformative school culture

  • Culturally Humble Approaches 

  • Wholesome School Approach  

  • Higher Academic Student Success 

  • Higher Engagement from parents 

  • Positive, trauma-informed classrooms 

  • Improved wellness for students

Benefits to Schools/School Districts

Our Techniques

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy & more!

  • Restorative Justice 

  • Mindfulness and Meditation 

  • COVID-19 Lens

Our Clinicians

Our Licensed Therapists and Licensed Social Workers provide direct support to students. Our clinicians have advanced training in trauma-informed practice, psychotherapy, treatment planning & interventions for children with various needs. 

“Young people can walk confidently to a therapist at their school at any time”
- Shanequa Moore, CEO

What makes I’RAISE different 

Integrative- Our model is 100% integrated into each school model!

Relationship Centered-We ensure every child is connected to a trusting and loving adult.


Accessible-Students can access one of our clinicians on the school grounds when they are in need.

Individualized-Each student receives an individualized plan to support their treatment journey.  


Strategic- We work with schools to ensure services are implemented strategically and support each school mission. 


Ethnically sensitive - The best ways to heal are the ones that are sensitive to the ethnicity and culture of each student.

One Model Many Approaches 

  • Hybrid, Online and/or in Person

  • Group Therapy (ie: loss & bereavement, trauma, conflict resolutions)

  • Individual/ Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Circles of Healing

  • Wellness Spaces

  • Wellness Events 

  • Wellness Groups

  • Crisis Intervention

Our Programs

  • Mental Wellness Aid workshops for students K-12. 

  • Professional Development for Teachers & Educators on mental health.

  • SEL Advisory support for teachers & educators.

  • Parent training and education on mental health.

  • Mental Wellness Assessments for students with findings & reports.

What people are saying about our mental wellness model

“Our experience with the I’RAISE staff has been a positive partnership. We believe that social-emotional wellness is a necessary component to ensuring student achievement”.
-Rosie Sifuentes-Rosado, Principal


“It is impossible for children to focus on math and science when their minds are preoccupied with past or current trauma. This is why positive mental health support in the schools are crucial to children’s academic achievement” - Letecia Stewart, Executive Director

For School Districts

I’RAISE can create customized mental health services for schools. 

Request a Mental Wellness Toolkit for your school.

Contact us:


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