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CEO & Founder of I'RAISE

"As a child growing up in the Bronx, NY, encountering many life challenges and tumultuous experiences such as domestic violence, fatherless and poverty, there was no one place I could go to that provided help, love and guidance. Consequently, I succumbed to many issues that most teens growing up in low-income communities’ encounter, including poor self-image, low self-esteem, family issues, economic and academic challenges. In retrospect, I realize, there was a shortage of community and school programs in my community, that worked to improve the social, emotional and educational outcomes of youth in low-income communities.


This is the story of thousands of children and youth in NYC, who have experienced traumatic events, are being raised in dysfunctional families and/or suffering from emotional or mental challenges. Such children may be in need of a safe haven or a place that will guide them in the right path and invest in not only who they are but in their future. I’RAISE is that place that accepts and recruits the most vulnerable children of NYC who have been counted out by society or deemed as at-risk or high risk; and offer these children guidance, love, direction and tools needed to overcome anything life throws and become for successful in all areas of their life. In my years with I’RAISE, I have eye witnessed and encountered young people and families lives truly changed for the better.


Our holistic programs provide increased opportunities and resources needed for youth of all backgrounds and experiences to excel in life. I am pleased to not only be the founder but also the CEO of an organization who offers programs and services to a population that needs it the most and to a program that works. Whether you are a staff person, a volunteer, intern, or sponsor, I would like to sincerely thank you for your support and contributions to the vision of I’RAISE, you help us to empower, mentor and reach hundreds of youth annually. We cannot do it alone, but with you, we can continue changing lives, one youth at a time."


-  Shanequa E. Moore 

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