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Hispanic Federation Awards COVID-19 Vaccine Education Grant to I’RAISE for Second Year

This educational campaign meets individuals where they are in the decision process regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

NEW YORK, NY (May 2, 2023) — I’RAISE Girls & Boys International has been awarded a grant by Hispanic Federation, for a comprehensive initiative called Save Lives COVID-19 Education Campaign. The campaign encompasses educational efforts, case management services, and a research study to educate New York City families and understand the perceptions of unvaccinated individuals. The youth organization also received a grant from Hispanic Federation in 2022.

Campaign strategies include:

  • Holding online educational sessions led by social workers allowing individuals to speak about their fears and reservations about being vaccinated and provide information about the vaccine, including available resources and how to access those resources.

  • School-based, youth-led initiatives, and case management services to provide parents and families with resources.

  • Conducting a research study to better understand perceptions of unvaccinated individuals to determine future outreach efforts. To learn more about an our research studies, visit

  • Sharing informative social media and blog posts that include facts and information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Scheduled community spaces where individuals shared their thoughts, fears, and reservations about the vaccine took place in March 31, 2022, in a virtual panel event for the community. Experience the community space here.

I'RAISE will also be hosting a Health and Wellness Fair in the Bronx on July 15, 2023. Those interested in joining as a volunteer, vendor, or attendee, go to

The 2023 campaign will continue and elevate the efforts initiated in 2022. This campaign will also focus on educating the community about Long COVID (the long-term health issues experienced by some who survived the virus) and connecting them to useful information and resources in their local area.

The goals of this campaign are to improve social determinants of health in minorities and to better understand the clients and communities the organization serves.

Visit to learn more.

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