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Meet I’RAISE Entrepreneur Students Rahinatou and Skylar

The students at I’RAISE’s Entrepreneurship Academy have been working hard on their businesses. Learn about what some of these industrious kids have been up to.

Rahinatou’s Skincare Line

Rahinatou founded Luxora, a premium skincare line that drew inspiration from "the beauty and traditions of West Africa.”

Rahinatou has shared her "profound experience in Burkina Faso, witnessing the transformative power of Mossí skincare rituals, ignited a passion for creating a brand centered around luxury, sustainability, and empowerment. With a commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and partnerships with local women's cooperatives, Rahinatou aims to uplift communities, promote natural beauty, and guide women on self-discovery through the transformative power of self-care.”

To learn more about Rahinatou’s business, find her on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Skylar’s Children's Nonprofit

Another I’RAISE entrepreneur student, Skylar, is an 8-year-old who is currently starting a nonprofit organization that provides newly adopted and foster care children with “a fun bag” including “essentials and keepsakes that will help them feel closer to home and remind them that they are valuable and loved.”

Skylar is a dancer and actress who has spent nearly a year in the foster care system before being adopted by her grandmother.

Thomas Academy has named Skylar the youngest dance apprentice. In addition, she was the youngest announcer for the Los Angeles Little Miss African American pageant. Now, the young actress has been nominated for the Rising Star Award for her role in the short film Prevailing Love.

“I care about people, and I love them,” Skylar says.

Shark Tank Event

Rahinatou and Skylar are just two of I’RAISE’s talented young entrepreneurs.

On June 12, in our Entrepreneurship Academy, kids ages 12-19 presented their businesses. We greatly appreciate everyone who supported them and invested in their visions.

To donate and support programs like these that help children achieve their dreams, visit

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