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Congrats to our October 2020 Volunteers of the Month!

Meet our October 2020 volunteers of the month! We celebrate them and thank them for contributing their skills to our projects and mission! Read more to learn about their latest accomplishments.

Congrats to Victoria Kuryan for being a volunteer of the month. She has made amazing contributions within the Human Resources department. She's proven to be a reliable, irreplacable asset to I'RAISE!

Saira Jahangir consistently contributed her knowledge to research team projects, from setting up RedCAP, the platform we use to conduct our adolescent psychological impact research surveys, to providing input on survey questions. Congrats and thank you for your help, Saira!

Congrats to Ibeliz Flores for going above and beyond her volunteer expectations within our mentoring department!

As an I'RAISE tutor, Devika Nair successfully motivated students to learn by making learning relevant, creative, and fundamental. Congrats and thank you for lending a hand and contributing your ideas!

Congrats to Egli Hajdarmata for being a wonderful mentor, providing great leadership, guidance, and motivation to his mentee in both academic and social-emotional areas. Thank you for impacting our youth.

Congrats to Jennifer Hernandez for motivating the students she tutors when they needed it. You are a great leader and very helpful when needed.

Congrats to Jack Sheck! Jack demonstrates leadership and great guidance-giving as an I'RAISE mentor. He also truly motivates his student both academically and social-emotionally.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for all of your hard work! You are invaluable and a key component of our mission.

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