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Shanequa Moore's Statement on George Floyd

Yesterday, we, as a nation, witnessed justice for George Floyd and his loving family. This is a moment of victory for all of us, this is about the value of a Black man's life and soul. It is about the value of the lives of our innocent Black and Brown children who have been traumatized by the brutal murder of not just Floyd, but thousands of others whose lives were taken, since the inception of our great nation.

Our kids have seen enough. We have seen enough hatred, injustice, and racism. It's time we show our children a nation that protects them, a nation that sees and treats their lives as valuable.

This is the moment to recognize Black lives and allow citizens in our nation to experience the recognition we all deserve and fight for. I agree with the remarks of the prosecution that we need to use this verdict as a reflection point for justice. I stand with justice as a Black woman, as a mother, as part of my community, and my nation.

But we can't stop there, our work is certainly not done, we must push for equity, we must work together through innovative and bold policies to dismantle the system of racism once and for all. We must continue to fight for equity and we can not stop until every Black life matters. We can not stop until every Black life has access and equity. Our work is just beginning.

My prayers are continually with the family of George Floyd and, to our community, we shall and we will continue to overcome.


Shanequa Moore, LMSW

CEO & Founder

I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation

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