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What Affects Teens' and Children's Mental Health?

By Jossy Vasquez

Mental health is a serious factor in children's and teens' lives today. According to WebMD, researchers suggest that a combination of factors, including heredity, biology, psychological trauma, and environmental stress might be involved.

There are a lot of factors that might affect kids' mental health, such as having parents who are separated or divorced, having trouble with school and grades, experiencing the death of someone close, being bullied or sexually abused , etc. Researchers believe that giving children support during these difficult times would be better for them. Sometimes, they just need a little support and a little push.

As a teen myself, I can definitely say that mental health is very much real. I went through very deep trauma in my life that affected me. There are a lot of things that can impact mental health. In my time, my parents thought that mental health was nothing and that I should get over it, but it was not easy.

When they saw me go through very bad stages in my life, they opened their eyes and said, "We need to help her." Parents should support kids, provide any help that they need, and make sure they do not add more to their plate.

Parents can support by listening and respecting their child's feelings. They can encourage them to talk about their feelings, keep communication and conversation flowing by asking questions, and lastly, but very importantly, help them find someone to talk to if they do not feel comfortable talking to a parent.


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