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Celebrate 8 years strong of essential mental health, educational and, community-based programming! Join I’RAISE on May 22 for a stunning virtual celebration, featuring live performances from artists, select performances from your kids, and an awards procession for our honorees.


I'RAISE has served over 10,000 low-income and vulnerable families in NYC. We are among the leading agencies at the forefront of children's and teens' mental health, providing essential school social work services to vulnerable youth during the school day, and providing a safe space for them to feel valued, loved, and accepted. Our comprehensive programs help young people through abuse, trauma, and mental illness.


Our staff is 100% devoted and committed to the success and wellbeing of every child.   We remind our kids that they matter. We are invested in each of their lives. Our youth lived through COVID-19 and are ready to show you what they have learned and how they have coped with the pandemic through art. Let's celebrate 8 years strong together.

100% of event proceeds go to supporting our programs, which continue to have a big impact on our children!

May 22, 2021

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Al-Tirmidhi)

During the month of Ramadan, consider donating to I’RAISE and help us continue to ensure children and their families are supported holistically during COVID-19.


رمضان مبارک! رمضان کے مہینے میں خیرات کی شکل میں I’RAISE کو عطیہ کرنے پر غور کریں


رمضان كريم! خلال شهر رمضان ، فكر في التبرع لـ I’RAISE كشكل من أشكال الصدقة


रमदान मुबारक! रमजान के महीने के दौरान, एक दान के रूप में I'RAISE को दान करने पर विचार करें

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Aaren B.
Andre & Emmeline M.
Andrea P.
Anna A.
Annie H.
Ardit M.
Arisbel M.
Ben B.
Benjamin S.
Bryce B.
Carmen A.
Daren B.
Felicia M.
Gina & Tom A.
Jessie K.
Kaaron C.
Karen S.
Katherine C.
Katie M.
Katie M.

Keisha A.

Keisha B.

Laura L.

Lucky E.

Michael Q.

Nakisha H.

Neva K.

Nitul P.

Paula B.

Phyllis B.

Priscilla P.

Raquel S.

Rex C.

Robert B.

Sandra G.

Shakira R.

Sherill P.

Sinead S.

Tracy R.

Weitny A.

Our Committee



Katie Wendle

Uroosa Mohammad

Grace Brown

hosts & performing artists




DJ James







Sharon Larita Ashford is a best-selling published author who has produced
the best-selling book “Order In The House" (which inspired a hit TV series
with over 3 million viewers) and her Pick Me Pumpkin Children’s Series
Collection. She also leads her Sharon Larita “BUDG” BE U DO GOOD, BE U DO GREAT, & BE U DO GOD jewelry and accessories Line.

DJ James Reed can mix with the best of them, blending sounds of those like DJ Funk Master Flex and Massive B with the soul and style of Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade. For other influences, you would have to go to Panama, the homeland of his mother and to her music: Salsa, Bachata, Gospel, Reggaeton, Soca, and the Oldies played by the radio. His mission as DJ is to make sure that everyone is enjoying that memorable experience. You can follow him on Instagram (@dj_jamesreed).

Fun-loving and introspective, Shane effortlessly throws his heart on the page with narratives anyone could relate to. The NY native captivates listeners with deeply personal mishaps, thoughts, and perspectives that are riddled with emotion and charisma. Shane manages to produce, write, and mix all of his records from the comfort of his bedroom. 

Ryan Heart (they/them) is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from the 914. Prior to the pandemic, over the past seven years, Heart has performed in numerous locations in Westchester and throughout the Tri-State area. As a former student of The New School (for Jazz and Contemporary Music), Heart combines soulful and old school vocals with a modern twist over Pop and R&B beats. Through simplistic lyrics, they manage to express themes such as self-acceptance and the reality of becoming an adult. Stay tuned for their music in 2021 and follow Ryan Heart's journey on Instagram (@ryanheart.mp3).

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