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Our STEM Programs

Learn more about our free virtual and in-person STEM programs for the community and for schools. 

Dream stem academy

The Dream STEM Academy will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person learning. Amidst school closures and social distancing, our online courses are the perfect way for K-12 students to develop and sharpen coding, game development, and creative skills from the comfort of home. 

Our Dream STEM Academy runs year-round. This program is led by a team of 30 STEM coaches and directors, program staff with a passion for youth development.

This Academy offers a variety of exciting, hands-on, experiential science and STEM programs for at-risk students in New York City public schools in grades K-12. 


Class Design

  • Live virtual teachers 

  • One hour lecture

  • One hour hands on 

  • Project based learning

  • Small groups

2021-2022 Community STEM Programs

September - June 2022




September - June 2022

Online STEM courses for Grades K-12 

Students learn HTML coding and how to build applications.


Virtual Winter Legos program for Grades K-8 

Students engage in hands-on lessons, activities, and challenges to level up their understanding of fundamental STEM skills, like 2D and 3D design, physical computing, and programming. As they dive into the STEM world, students experience engaging and hands-on sessions with an experienced STEM teacher in an intimate and fun class setting with interactive and daily themes.

School-based stem programs





Request School Program


Request School Program

We offer several options for schools interested in partnering with us to bring our STEM programs to their students.

Virtual Tech Workshops

Our virtual tech workshops are offered to any K-12 student in the New York City area with a passion or interest in STEM, at a beginner or advanced level, during the academic year. 


Afterschool STEM Program

Our afterschool program is designed for grades K-8, from beginner to advanced levels. This fall, this afterschool program is offered to 100 students, a select group in one of our partner schools (P.S 178). It will be offered for a total of 9 months, in the fall, winter, and spring. Throughout the academic year, students are placed into smaller groups of 10 and work on team projects. Children can select from these courses: HTML Coding, Humanity and Robotics, and Python. 

Community stem programs


2021 - 2022​



2021 - 2022​

Online Girls of Color Who Code for Grades 3-8

To address the ethnic and racial gap, I'RAISE has partnered with Girls Who Code to offer coding experience to girls of color. Young girls will be paired with a coding mentor and will receive a coding kit. Girls will be a part of a safe and fun cohort, learning alongside peers, building competence, character, and coding skills. 


Virtual LEGOs for Champions for Grades K-5

Students will learn how to build mechanized and motorized LEGO-based models, present their creations, and participate in expositions, where they can meet other LEGO Jr. teams. In this program, children ages 5 to 12 will be placed into teams of 6. Teams meet for 1 hour for 12 weeks at a time. They will create a poster and practice their presentation skills, and explore challenges facing today’s scientists and engineers. They will also begin developing critical life skills, such as teamwork and collaboration.



They were fun and challenging. I really felt my creativity becoming unlocked through LEGOs. I love this class!

— Student

We greatly appreciate the teacher's support. My child learned a lot and he was encouraged all along the way.

— Parent

The instructor is very informative and pleasant when handling this program and the children. He is an excellent leader in this STEM program and has been a pleasure to work with.

— Community Member

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