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I'RAISE Tutor Spotlight


I’m Shreyan, and I’ve been tutoring with I’RAISE for about three months now. Since about a year ago (and especially during the pandemic), I’ve realized that countless students do not have the necessary access to education or a way to fully embrace an education.

As someone who is fortunate to still have access to resources in today’s circumstances, I wanted to give back to the rest of the community - not just to my city, but to the nation and the world of challenged yet aspiring students - one at a time.  As a musician, I know that every section of the orchestra should receive equal support, care, and resources for a great performance. The current times have shown nurturing talents from every corner is very important in supporting the harmony as required for a stronger society. Every student should have access to learning that will foster an appreciation and love for any subject, from reading to math. The movement for “No Child Left Behind” is one of the biggest during this critical time, and I’m in for it! A fun fact about me - I have been playing the violin, both solo and orchestra, for nearly 10 years!



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