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Virtual youth Showcase

march 27, 2021

3:00 - 5:00 pm est

Our youth will lead presentations in:

  • Dance

  • Coding

  • Singing

  • Art 

  • Musical Theater

  • Zumba

  • Read Aloud Storytelling

  • LEGO

  • Yoga

  • Creative Writing

  • Black History

  • & More!

Who should attend this event?

I'RAISE welcomes children, families, parents, community leaders, educators, and youth workers to experience the joy of learning and growing through artistic expression.


We are proud of our students for their hard work and achievements during the pandemic. Please attend this virtual showcase and support our young people during this challenging time.

Parenting in a pandemic is hard.


Our children are a shining light in these challenging times. We love to see their smiles, their laughter, their confidence, their ambition… 


This semester, they sang their hearts out, acted and danced, built Lego creations, read aloud, wrote creatively, and created art.


It’s time to see our stars shine. 

Kids and teens ages 5-19 participated in 30 of our community classes. These spaces allow kids and teens to pursue more of what they enjoy right now while supporting their mental health.


Join us on March 27 at 3pm EST to see them perform and present what they created and learned.

Photos from our

past showcases

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